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Pacifiq Mass Media Services, a marketing and public relations firm, translates the client’s mission statement, vision and goals into a uniquely marketable, themed identity that projects the ideal perception to their target audience.


Branding & Marketing

PMMS creates blueprints for brand presentation to the target demographic that directs them to take action in favor of client products and services via the use of mass media tools including: direct/email marketing, print ads, online ads, and website/social media engagement campaigns.

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Public Relations

PMMS devises methods for positioning the client’s brand to achieve the ideal public perception via cross promotions, event planning and mass media manipulation. Services include brand management, consumer relationship management, crisis management and publicity generation.

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Professional Audio Services

The Pacifiq Audio Facility is a professional aptekanapotencje audio lab utilizing industry-standard software and studio quality hardware. The Pacifiq Audio Facility provides tailored audio solutions including professional mixing, mastering, editing, composition and recording in a state-of-the-art studio environment.

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Pacifiq Mass Media Services (PMMS) provides professional brand development, marketing, public relations, and audio production services.


Pacifiq Mass Media Services, Inc

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