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Norman A. Feazell, III, Founder


As Brand Manager and P.R./Marketing Strategist at Pacifiq Mass Media Services, Norman serves his clients via his uniquely intelligent strategies that manipulate mass media tools to meet client needs. From Brand Development and Crisis Management, to Social Media strategy, Norman crafts tailored, outcome oriented equations that enhance Brand Potency. With the rare credit of being one of the few online since the launch of “Prodigy”, and having participated in every step of the development of the internet, he has a largely unrivaled insight to today’s most potent medium.

Brand Management training directly from James Michael Lafferty (Retired CEO of Procter & Gamble, a Former CEO of Coca-Cola and a current CEO of British American Tobacco), emboldens the stand-out skill set Norman empowers PMMS with. Mr. Feazell’s expertise was developed from years of mass media work from the ground level of promoting at record companies, municipal political campaigns, hospital Crisis Management, to Brand development for Sr. Executives and Marketing Strategies for academic entities.

“I found that everything has a demand. The difficulty is how to package it and maximize visibility. Once you identify which way your demographic is looking, you don’t necessarily have to turn their heads, you simply need to put your product in their line of sight.”

“My Mass Media insight and understanding sky-rocketed while studying under Dr. Stephan Duplantier and Dr. Christopher Campbell. My time at the Erhardt Group under Sandy Castille and at the Hawthorne Agency gave me invaluable insights to the practical use of print media. Observing Mass Media’s potency in business and its influence on society, I became obsessed with mastering how to strategically direct it”.

Pacifiq Mass Media Services is known for skillful Brand Management and strategic P.R./Marketing to achieve client goals.

Mr. Feazell is also managing the development of innovations in Digital Signage, Virtual Music Production, and Social Media. There is much to come from Pacifiq Mass Media Services and Norman A. Feazell, Jr.



Corporate Bios 05/08/2012

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