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Pacifiq Mass Media Services translates the client mission statement, vision and goals into a uniquely marketable, themed identity that projects the ideal perception to their target. PMMS brand development creates the statement, symbolism and personage that distinguishes client product and services.

Marketing Strategy

Starting with thorough industry and demographic research, Pacifiq Mass Media Services creates blueprints for brand presentation to the target  that directs them to take action in favor of client products and services via the use of mass media tools including: direct/email marketing, print ads, online ads, event planning, cross promotions, and website/social media management. PMMS turns client thoughts and desires into actionable tasks based on their brand identity.

PMMS designs and implements marketing strategies using cutting edge mass media tools to maximize brand awareness and control brand image to separate client products and services from the competition. From brand reflective ad design to brand themed online engagement campaigns, PMMS employs customized medleys of media resources to position clients for success.

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Pacifiq Mass Media Services (PMMS) provides professional brand development, marketing, public relations, and audio production services.


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