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Public Relations Strategy

PMMS devises methods for positioning the client’s brand to achieve the ideal public perception via cross promotions, event planning and mass media manipulation.

Crisis Management

PMMS provides strategic plans to avoid damage to client image or to recover from bad publicity. Unforeseen industry changes, company mistakes, and natural disasters are but a few causes of brand damage. PMMS crisis management uses media resources, cross promotions, and specialized public relations strategies to avoid, mitigate and recover from events that have a negative impact on client brand perception.

Brand Management

Pacifiq Mass Media Services guides the evolution of the client brand image, creating strategy to dictate and manage public perception. Managing brand perception is key in optimizing the returns of marketing and public relations campaigns. Whether devising strategy or preparing for implementation, PMMS methods are tempered by and considerate of the  brand’s public image.

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Public Relations 05/08/2012

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Pacifiq Mass Media Services (PMMS) provides professional brand development, marketing, public relations, and audio production services.


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